Huron Perth HealtHuron Perth Healthcare Alliance plans to redevelop Avon Crest site

January 14, 2020: Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) announce their intention to redevelop the Avon Crest property site. 

Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance issues a Request for Solutions (RFS)

February 3, 2020: HPHA issues a Request for Solutions (RFS) toward “the development of a new iconic building dedicated to providing healthcare-related services” on the Avon Crest site. 

Careful demolition of the building must be considered

HPHA’s Request for Solutions required that, “Careful demolition of the existing building must be considered.” Applications were due August 17, 2020. No further action on the RFS was taken. 

Heritage Stratford intends to designate

November 9, 2021: Heritage Stratford issued a notice of intention to designate the Avon Crest property (86 John Street South and 90 John Street South), under Part IV, Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act, incorporating the: 

  • a) 1891 hospital (Avon Crest), including semi-circular landscaped entrance driveway; 
  • b) 1910 extension; 
  • c) 1904 Gardener’s cottage; 
  • d) 1929 Nurses’ residence.

Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance objects to designation

December 2021: HPHA advised city staff that they objected to designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. 

Stratford’s Planning and Heritage Committee reject designation

July 11, 2022: Stratford’s Planning and Heritage Committee voted against Heritage Stratford’s recommendation to make Avon Crest a designated building.

“Clean site” more attractive to developers, says HPHA CEO Andrew Williams

At the July 11, 2022 meeting, HPHA President and CEO Andrew Williams announced that, although HPHA “does not have a current need for the property” and “no developers stepped forward” in response to their RFS, HPHA nonetheless endorsed a recommendation to demolish the main Avon Crest building because a “clean site” would be more attractive to developers.

Heritage Stratford adequately demonstrated the heritage attributes (City staff)

August 8, 2022: At the August 8, 2022 meeting of Stratford City Council, City staff recommended that Council: 

  1. Consider the request from Heritage Stratford to designate Avon Crest;
  2. Acknowledge that Heritage Stratford adequately demonstrated the heritage attributes of the site. (i.e. They meet one or more of the provincial designation criteria set out in Ontario Regulation 9/06);
  3. Issue an intent to designate 86 & 90 John Street South under Part IV, Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act.

Stratford City Council takes no action !

Stratford City Council voted to “file” Heritage Stratford’s recommendation to designate Avon Crest (This means ” take no action on.”)

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